Ride Services 

How far will we Drive?

3-mile radius from our store.

How much do we charge?

You have to buy in groceries $150 for pick-up and drop off or $125 for a one-way ride.

How do I order a ride?

Just calls us at (714)771-1595

What times do we offer rides?


Delivery & Pick-Up 

For bakery special order please note we need advance payment. For more information, please go to our catering/cakes section. 

How much do we charge for pick-up?

1st 10 items are free after that there is a flat fee of $5

How much do we charge for delivery?

$5 per mile 

Is there a minimum?

no minimum

what times do we offer these services?


How do I place a delivery or pick-up?

You can call us at 714-580-8089 or email us at [email protected] to place your order.

How do I pay?

For pick-up you can pay at register or over the phone. For delivery you can pay over the phone or at drop-off. At drop-off you can pay with cash, card or check. Let us know which payment method you'd like before drop-off.
Note: For card payments over the phone or at point of delivery we charge a 3% transaction fee. 

Place your order now!!

Place your grocery order via email.

Independent services

Companies that have stalls inside our store.

Boost Mobile

M-Sat  10a-8p
Sun      10a-5p

Phone (714)997-0196

Vigo Money Transfer

M-Sun   9a-8p

Phone (714)628-8795

Auto Public Insurance/Notary & Auto Registration 

M-F  11a-7p
Sat   10:30a-2:30p

Phone (714)988-7889

La Clorofila

Mon    10a-8p
Tues    Closed
W-F     10a-8p
S-Sun  Closed

Phone (714)760-6915

Yale Shoes 

M    10a-8:30p
T     4:30p-8:30p     
W-Th   10a-8:30p
F     12p-9p
S-Sun  10a-9p

Phone (714)997-0196

Mexican Grocery Store